Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My craftiness...

So I thought of a new project and I got a little crafty...

See what I made?!?!

I would have to say I am pretty proud!


A Little Bumble Bee

Mommy's little Bumble Bee!!!

So Addison will be a bumble bee this year and we had a chance to go to my Grandmother's senior adult apartments and give everyone a treat. They were all playing BINGO, so Addy walked around and gave each of them a treat out of her goodie bag. I guess it is good that she is learning to give rather than receive first! :)

I LOVE being a Mother!!! It is the best job I have ever been able to do!!! Addison truly is the joy in my day!!! Until we see Jonathan, then he is the joy in both of our days!!! I love our little family!!!