Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Promise I Am Still Here!!!

Well, I can tell McSkittlebump is making great strides in the growing department!!! I am very excited about this baby and to be able to tell he/she is growing is AMAZING!!! I go in June 9th and hopefully with a little cooperation from the baby, we can tell whether it is a boy or girl. Jonathan is busy around the house these next few weeks getting some last minute things done because I think he knows once we know the gender of the baby...that all I am going to want to do is work on the baby's room. We did make a bold move and bought the bedding for a boy. Hey, we had to, it was going to be discontinued. However, on June 9th, if the baby is a girl, we will be heading to Frisco to take it back. Not too much is going on these days, just working and living the life. We are definitely looking forward to a four day weekend this weekend. I know Jonathan is taking advantage of it to do some painting...however, since I am pregnant, I am not supposed to be in a closed room with the paint fumes. So I would imagine either he is going to kick me out of the house, or I will be in the living room/nook working on our baby book with the windows open sure to go in the rooms he is painting and give him a few pointers from time to time. Jonathan did take me shopping last friday to Motherhood Maternity and we bought some maternity clothes which happen to be some of the most comfortable clothes I have ever worn. They are pretty darn cute as well!
Well, not too much is happening here, I will be sure to post after we find out the gender, but I suspect you could hear from me sooner than that if I have some funny stories about our painting adventure!!! Have a WONDERFUL day!!!