Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I don't know about other women's husbands, but I know I have the BEST one of the bunch!!! I'm sorry you guys didn't get him, but you'll just have to settle for what you got!!! (just kidding). He is always thinking of me and what I might like and what would make me happy. I knew he was a romantic when I married him...but to his day he still surprises me with his gifts or just the words he says!!! Yesterday, I received flowers from my husband as a congratulations on being cancer free for 4 years!!! All the ladies in my office are jealous! He is so good!!! I love you so much Jonathan!!!

The card reads: Congratulations on your 4 years!

Love, Jonathan

Monday, February 23, 2009

What were you doing on February 23, 2005???

I know what I was doing...

It was a beautiful clear day and there were hardly any clouds in the sky, which was unusual in Houston. I had just finished classes for the day at Houston Baptist University and I was driving to work...about 30 minutes away.

It was a Wednesday and I was going to get ready for church that night. I was driving down highway 59 just north of Highway 99 and I received a phone call. It was my oncologist and I thought for a minute that he was going to tell me to come on in. you see I had a PET scan run two days before that and I was kind of worried that he would tell me that the cancer has not been affected by our aggressive treatments. I had spent time with the Lord that morning telling Him that whatever news may come, that I would rejoice and glorify His name. Well, here is EXACTLY how the conversation went with Dr. Popatia (from there is a thick accent on the other end of the phone).

Dr. P: Holly???
Me: Yes???
Dr. P.: This is Amarali Popatia...
Me: Okay???
Dr. P.: Holly I was so excited, I couldn't wait to tell you the news...
Me: Okay???
Dr. P.: Holly, there is no more cancer in your body!!!
Me.: What???
Dr. P.: Holly!!!(yelling practically) There is no more cancer in you body!!!
Me.: You're kidding!!!
Dr. P.: No!!!
Me: You're kidding!!!
Dr. P.: Holly, No!
Dr. P.: Holly!!! I AM NOT KIDDING!!! (HEAVY accent)
Me: (tearful and happy) Dr. have just made my day!!!
Dr.P.: Good...I am happy for you!
Me.: Thank you!!!
Dr.P: You are welcome...Good bye!
Me.: Bye!

I was so excited, I almost had to pull over. However, I kept on driving and I called my fiance (at the time) and my parents and my sister and my brothers. I then started calling friends. By this time I had made it to work and I was in tears and went and told my pastor who was elated and almost cried himself. That night I had my church family around me and knew that God had blessed me thoroughly. I do not know how an unchurched person could face those difficulties without the support, love and prayer from a church family.
Well, that night, Jonathan and my parents came into town to be with me for my second to last chemo treatment the next day. We ate at Gringo's Mexican Kitchen and then went home and had dessert. This is a day that will forever be in my memory and one of the top three best days of my life with number one being the day I asked Christ to be the Lord of my life and day two being my wedding day.

Today, I went to my oncologist to get the results from my bloodwork on Friday, and I exclaimed to her that this was the 4 year anniversary that I was told I was cancer free, and I told her the story. She laughed and without any hesitation, she told me with a thick Indian accent, "Holly, there is still no more cancer in your body!" (She is a true white woman, so it was pretty funny)

Jonathan, Mom, dad, Brandy, Charlie and Casey sorry I did not tell you that funny story earlier, but I just thought I would let you read about it with the rest of my "fans."

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!!!