Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Speaking Engagements!!!

Hey there! It has been a while since my last post, but I just thought I would update you on all of the goings ons of the Page household. This past week, I was able to attend the Preschool and Children's Ministers retreat in Salado, TX which was a great time. I was able to see Ginger, one of my mentor's and former boss which was AWESOME!!! It was a great time of learning and a wonderful time to get to know other children's ministers and to know that they are going through some of the same things I am going through. I was able to stay a little longer than most due to the fact that Diane Lane, the children's and preschool coordinator over the whoel BGCT asked me to stay and learn how to lead a conference for them, so I did not get home until about 12am on Tuesday night. I got up and went to work on Wednesday seeing as how it would be my only day in at the office and I worked all day until 8:30pm because we had evening church as well. i woke up on Thursday and I was off to the airport to go to Glorietta, NM. I had never been there before, but I had a blast. Tarrant Baptist Association paid my way because I was going to train on how to lead a VBS conference for them. I met so many wonderful people and found my birthday twin (exact same day, just two hours apart...and she LOVES softball like me!!!) So, I got to see A LOT of snow and I was so excited about that!!! I learned all about VBS 09 and how Lifeway really does decide about the Bible studies and games and music. It was an eye opening experience, but one I would gladly go back to. I came back about noon on Saturday and Jonathan and I piddled around until we had to go to a birthday party at 3pm for one of his buddies from the corps. It was great to see all of them!!! We got up for church on Sunday and I led a Bible study for our preteens that evening and then we went to dinner with Mom and Dad which was wonderful because I had not seen either one of them for over a week!!!
It was a fun and fast week, and now I am looking forward to trying to catch up on my rest as well as school work!
Love to all!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Remember when...

Remember when...

Life was a little slower?

Riding our bikes was ALL we HAD to do in the day?

You would sing as loud as you could in the shower (okay maybe that was just me)?

You would run, just because you wanted to be chased...not because you needed to lose weight?

You could eat whatever you wanted and no fear of seeing it expandyour body?

You would Laugh with your friends until your stomach hurt?

Playing Hide and go seek?

Christmas was about GETTING presents?

We could be care free?

But now...

Life is so fast

Riding our bikes is called exercise.

Singing as loud as you can is no longer, because all you want is some peace and quiet.

Just looking at food can increase your body size.

Laughing with your friends but fearing something may leak (sorry if that was offensive:))

Playing hide and go seek, but falling asleep while you are counting.

Christmas is about GIVING more than receiving (However, I do like this a lot more)

The frozen pecans (pros and cons - mom knows what I am saying) of growing up


More responsibility, life does go by faster, no more carefree bike riding or's now exercise, just plain getting older.


Growing up is fun in some ways...more life experiences, smarter for some of us, old friends, new friends, driving (I still like that one). We add to our families, have jobs that most of us kind of like, make our own money, make our own rules. Your parents are still there for you.

I couldn't end on a sad note, so I had to put the pros last.

But, to further the interest of this post, I am putting a photo in here of me that definitely takes the cake and believe me, when I saw it last night, I laughed hysterically, but no fear, I am not THAT old to worry about leaking!!!

Thank you Brandy...You are dearly LOVED!!!