Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Who is this Man???

While dancing our way through the Christmas season and ultimately through the New Year, I have been profoundly affected by the lack of knowledge that others have about Christ. So, here is my little description of Christ using few words but mostly pictures...

Christ is God. He is the humanity of God. He is the great I AM...

Christ is the Spring of Water that gives us...

Christ says...
Whoever Enters... Through the Gate... Will Be SAVED!!!

You see Christ died on the cross for you and for me. He died so that we may live eternally (have everlasting Life) and so that we could be forgiven. Without Christ, we would be nowhere. Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice and gave the ultimate gift by giving His life when He could have just said "No, I won't do it!" But, God loved us so much He gave His only Son in order that we may live with Him FOREVER!!!

So, who is this man???

He is...

Our Savior!!!
(Do you see the cross?)

So, are we really entitled to all we have??? Do we deserve the nice cars, beautiful homes, XBOX, new boots, and so on??? The answer is no, we don't even come close to deserving what we have. Thank goodness, because what we deserve is far worse than we could even imagine. Because of Christ we do not get what we deserve. We deserve a life far away from God, but Christ paid our price and forgives us of our sins and we are able to see Jesus in Heaven if we just (A) admit that we are sinners. (B) Believe that Jesus is God's Son. And (C) Confess Jesus as our Savior and our Lord. This is not of good works. You cannot save yourself. However, if you know Christ, your good works will shine through. This is because of Christ and what He did on the cross.

My prayer for all of us today is that we will one day meet our maker and hear Him say these words..."Well done good and faithful servant."

P.S. Okay, so there were more words than I had thought.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CRAZY Weekend!!!

Well, this weekend was a wonderful weekend. We had our family Christmas party at my brother Charlie's house. I forgot my camera though, so I might have to see if I can get some pics to upload on here for you guys to see. However, it was a fun filled afternoon at their house. wonderful time of family and friends! After that party, we all hurried to my house before my parents could get there for my Dad's surprise party. The family Christmas party was over at 6pm, but Jonathan and I left a little early to make sure we would be back in time for my dad's friends and family to show up. Dad and Mom got there at about 7:30pm and we had baout 65 people on my driveway waiting for him to get there. He was sure surprised!!! We got him so good. Here are a few pictures from the party!

After all was said and done, we had a wonderful turn out and a wonderful day with friends and family. I am so glad Dad did not know anything about his party...he was SO SURPRISED!!!

On Sunday, we decided to take some fun pictures of our puppies and kitty cat because we just do not have nearly enough already...yea right;)

What can I say...they are the highlight of our lives...for now!!!

Love Always,

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jingle Bell Run

Well, it is a little after 10pm and we finished the Jingle bell run this afternoon. It was a lot of fun! It benefitted the arthiritus foundation and there were a lot of arthiritus sufferers out there in wheelchairs or people were running in honor of them. It was a blessing to see!
Jonathan and I did a mixture of running and walking and with 3.1 miles, we did it in 47 minutes. This is a bad time if you are an avid runner, but for Jonathan and I we were comfortable with it. Here are a few pictures of us before the run and after as well as the Christmas tree that lights up downtown. ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jingle Bell Run!!!

Well, this Saturday in the Jingle Bell run and Jonathan and I are participating in it. Jonathan could run the whole thing, me on the other hand, I might have to walk some. However, I am very excited that we are signed up and following through with it. Festivities start at 2:30 at Sundance Square in Ft. Worth, but the run/walk is not until 5pm. So it might be a little chilly, oh well! Pray for us and our friends that have signed up with us. It is our first fun run/walk, but I have a feeling it will not be the last. I would love to join the leukemia and lymphoma society and do their fun run/walk.

I hope you all have a BLESSED day!


A Little Late

Well, as we all know, Thanksgiving has come and gone! However, I would like to post a few things I am thankful for. My top 10 if you will:
10. I am thankful for a home to live in.
9. I am thankful for a vehicle to drive (a new one at that :))
8. I am thankful for a job that provides for my necessities and then some.
7. I am thankful for my continued health.
6. I am thankful for my pets who give me laughs and joy everyday (yes, even Toby! ha ha! on the right).
Gracie, Zoe, Toby

5. I am thankful for my schooling
4. I am thankful for all of my loving friends and those that aren't so loving (he he!)
3. I am thankful for my family who has stood beside me in everything I have done and being there when things didn't go so well. I love you guys and you truly are a gift from God. You will never know how much I truly cherish your love, friendship and devotion in my life.
2. I am thankful for my wonderful husband who also has stood by me when life gave us lemons. We have survived A LOT together and without you by my side and holding my hand, I do not know that I would have seen the light on the other side. You are an inspiration and a motivation for me and I LOVE YOU!!!
1. Most of all I am thankful for God. He has given me life, He died so that I could live and He deserves my ALL. He has been there in my most dark and trying times and brought me through them all. He gave me my family, friends and my husband to show me His true love and strength. He knows everything about me and for that I am TRULY THANKFUL!!! Thank you God for Dieing on the cross for my sins and rising on the third day to show me that I can have life through you if I just believe and confess. You are my ALL IN ALL!!!

As Christmas is approaching, I would like to challenge you to remember what the Christmas time is all about. Remember to be thankful and humbled that Christ came and died for YOU. God gave up His only Son so that in Him, we could live eternally. YOU are the reason that Jesus was born!!!
God bless and have a wonderful December!!!
In Him,