Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's OVER!!! YEAH!!!

Well...I am sorry I have not written sooner. I have been preoccupied with school and projects and this little thing called the Fall Festival at church. The Fall Festival was last night and we had approximately 1200 people there within 2 hours. It was crazy but oh so fun!!!
Jonathan is in Baltimore right now (he missed the Fall Festival fun) looking out at the wonderful and beautiful bay...I'm jealous. But, he is stuck in a conference during the day, and only gets out at night, so I'm not too jealous.
I love fall time. I absolutely don't like Halloween, but the fall, I love. I love the colors of the trees (not in Texas though). I also love the weather. By the way, Jonathan is freezing to death right now and last night it was a wonderful 65 degrees for our Fall Festival :P This weather means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming which is a wonderful time of year. I turn 27 this year, however, I do not feel bad about getting older, but ask me in three years when I turn 30.
Not too much exciting has happened. I am grateful for keeping up with my school work, tax class and a full time job on top of that being a wife, daughter, sister and friend. It is tiring, but enjoyable. Just 3 more weeks of the tax class and 5 more weeks of school and I will be done until mid January...I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. After this semester I will be half way done with my master's degree WOOHOO!!!
Well, like I said, not too much new going on, but just thought I should update the blog!
Next time I will post some intriguing, life inspiring, thought provoking subjects...until then...


Sunday, October 12, 2008

ORLANDO... Here I come!!!

Good morning! I am sorry I have not blogged in a week, but not too much going on these days. Jonathan and I are still walking, and I am finding some muscles that have been dormant for a while. But, we are having fun. I am able to go to Orlando tomorrow through Thursday, so I am pretty excited to have some East coast time. Jonathan will have to walk/run on his own for a week, but I am going to be running in Disney Land. Well, next to it anyway. I'm excited, but nervous, I have NEVER flown by myself, and I really don't want to, but I guess I can since I am not paying for the trip. :) Pray for us this week as we embark on running. I am definitely NOT a runner, but if I want to do the race in December, I have to get used to it sometime. Our weight loss journey is still going smoothly. However, I am not telling (on my blog) how much I have lost until I get to about where I want to be...hopefully by Christmas! We'll see.

Jonathan and I also have another prayer request. We are more than likely going to go to Spain in March for a mission trip with our church. We are in need of prayer because we are not too sure how we are going to pay for it, we just know we are supposed to go. This is a HUGE leap of faith for us, but we are excited about the journey.

Until next time...

Monday, October 6, 2008

This is really MY family???

Saturday morning, Jonathan and I got up early and drove to Cleburne with my mother to watch my nephew Justin's soccer game and J.C's football game. They did a wonderful job and played their hardest. I was so happy to be out in the wonderful weather with my family watching the boys play. I got a bit of sun and almost blew away, but it was fun!
Dad met us at the football game and after the games we went back to Charlie's house and saw their puppy, an english bulldog named Clyde. He is adorable and HUGE!!! After that we told everybody goodbye and snuck over to one of their friends houses for a surprise birthday party for Charity, Charlie's fiance. Needless to say, she wasn't very surprised about the party, apparently Charlie cannot keep a secret so well. However, my sister Brandy and her husband Keary and their kids Kaitlyn and Riley came and so did my brother Casey. My Aunt Caryn and my grandmother showed up as well. If you remember in a recent post I told of how I LOVED getting together with my family. Well...this weekend did not disappoint at all.
First of all, our family's speaking volume is about 20 decibles higher than any normal person. Secondly, we love to make fun of one another. I was told my blogs were too long, but at least I now know they are reading them or at least attempting to read them; Casey and Charlie! Apparently my brother has come up with a great idea about his coming wedding to Charity. They have yet to set a date, however, he would like to go to Vegas and be married by Elvis wearing a blue 70's suit with the ruffles. Could this really be MY brother?
I never new of his fantasy wedding and apparently neither did anybody else until Charity e-mailed us all for some help on what to do with Charlie. Well, I think we took care of that for them. Now, they are going to do whatever Charity wants. Charlie has been relieved of all planning duties!!!
Well, at least our topic of conversation did not go to the norm, "how many squares of toilet paper you should use before you are titled too greedy." I know, my family is very weird, however, I love every one of them and wouldn't change any of them.
Until next time...

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well...getting up at 5AM is tougher than expected. However, I do like the way I feel for most of the day after I get over the sleepiness. We have walked for 4 days straight this week and the new shoes definitely work better than the old ones. I'm a little sore, but not too bad. We'll see how I bowl tomorrow and if my soreness kicks in there or not.

Weekend plans consist of going to Cleburne to watch my nephews play some ball...basically I become a cheerleader when I watch them play. It is a lot of fun! I haven't seen my brother and his fiance and family in a while... so I am pretty excited.

Not much else is going on and at this brain is unable to function. So, I am going to make my other brother Casey happy and write a short blog.

Tata for now!!!

Love you Casey!